Cambridge Champs International Pre-School – Where each child is a Champ


"We are committed to grow internationally as the center for excellence by providing opportunities in a safe, secure and thriving environment to all the students to achieve more than they believe they can to be the Cambridge Champs. We will enhance and explore our values to promote internationalism on a local & global stage.
Our hard work, energy, innovation & dynamism will take us there."


Cambridge Champs International Pre-School will meet its vision through:

  • Grooming the children to become lifelong learners and confident global citizens.
  • Developing a researched based curriculum that integrates children's need.
  • Paying individual attention to all the children.
  • Fostering a genuine relationship with families and the community
  • Maintaining quality standards by constant evaluation and improvement.


In support of this mission we aspire and are committed to:

  • Delivering world-class, bilingual, multi-skill education programs that are intellectually rigorous, clear, and consistent.
  • Retaining strong links with the Indian and International pedagogical systems.
  • Inspiring in our students a love of learning, self-confidence and pride in their cultural identity.
  • Creating a cooperative, interactive, learning environment free of discrimination.
  • Ensuring success in external examinations, thus enabling our students to enter the universities and courses of studies of their choice.
  • Appointing high-quality dedicated staff who focus upon and meet the needs of students as individuals.
  • Promoting humanistic values and global citizenship.
  • Welcoming parents into the school community and including them as partners in their children's education.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy internal and external environment.
  • Serving as an example of educational excellence.
  • Maintaining the school on a sound, financially stable basis.