We value the uniqueness of each child and that is why we follow systematic observation and ongoing assessment of each child's achievements and learning processes. This helps teachers also to take corrective action. Individual feedback to the children is the part of the system which enables them to learn at their own pace.

Growing economy of our country has created many business opportunities and education sector has emerged as one of the major contributor to these business opportunities in India, subsequently growing the segment of quality-conscious parents. We address this emergent segment of quality-conscious parents who has the desire of Grooming a Confident Child for Tomorrow.

We have taken the initiative to contribute to India's progress by building pre-schools, where we can impart best global practices in the children, through an Integrated Research Based International Curriculum. Our main offerings are Pre-School Learning, Day Care and after school activities.

At Cambridge Champs, we train students with an international curriculum, to make them a global citizen for tomorrow. Our teaching methods based on experiential learning leads to effective development of the child's cognitive skills and easy understanding of concepts. Our methodology ensures strong moral, social, emotional and physical development of a child, converting them from a fledgling Pre-Nursery into a confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic life-long learner. Our approach ensures that the child explores all his skills while learning.


Development of our Little Champs

For young children learning takes place as they touch, manipulate and experiment with things and interact with people. We encourage the expression of social and emotional issues and explore the hopes, fears, angers, joys and friendships of children to promote emotional growth.


At Cambridge Champs International children will:

  • Build healthy and positive self-concepts
  • Be provided with opportunities to enhance social skills
  • Be encouraged to think, reason, question and experiment
  • Feel free to create, take risks, and make mistakes
  • Encouraged to demonstrate good health, safety and nutrition habits
  • Respect cultural diversity
  • Develop initiative and decision-making skills
  • Be provided with opportunities for physical development